How can counselling help me?

It can be a relief to talk to someone that is not connected to you, who will listen without judgement and without telling you what to do.  Exploring events, thoughts and feelings can help them become clearer; what can feel like a tangle in your head can start to become easier to process, accept or change and also lessen the feeling of carrying around a weight.  This can help you to feel that you are coping and moving forwards.


Ways of working

There is no ‘right’ way – just what feels helpful for you.

Every person, and every issue, is different; how you feel is unique to you.  Hence what people want to get from counselling is also very individual.  Sessions will always be based around what you feel will be most helpful for you, with regular reviews.

Some people want to explore and work through past problems and experiences; others prefer to focus on current challenges, working on changing how they think, feel and their life as it is now.  For many, counselling will be a combination of both. 

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past, present, future …

…. which way now?

What to expect

Please feel free to phone for a chat or arrange a free 20 minute introductory meeting – feeling comfortable with the Counsellor you choose is really important. 

A first session would be an opportunity for you to talk about what you are hoping to get from counselling and tell me a bit more about yourself and the issues in your life.  I will also explain more about the ways that I work. I am trained to work in a person centred way, with additional training in CBT.

There are many different forms of counselling ie person centred, CBT, etc – if you have any queries about what these terms mean for you do just ask!